Hi and welcome!

This is my new blog about network engineering and related topics. I am a German network professional, working in the industry for more than 10 years. During this time I have encountered technologies such as routing (OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, BGP), LAN switching (dot1q, STP, VTP), firewalls (ASA, Juniper), WAN (dial-in and dial-out, DSL, 3G, RADIUS), VoIP, load-balancing et.al. Besides I did also some UNIX-related scripting and have managed some projects e.g. related to DNS and IPv4 registry communication. I have worked in quite different roles: customer support, engineering, solution design, consulting, project management, troubleshooting. I have a Cisco CCNP and an ITILv3 certification.

However I will not go into details about companies and projects here and this is not a career oriented reference. My intention is rather something maybe a bit old-fashioned: sharing knowledge and lessons learned. I believe in the wiki-principle: share what You know with the world and you will get much more back in return. I know, there are some colleagues out there, who try to keep their knowledge to themselves and are concerned about competition from newcomers. I advise against that and encourage You to contribute actively to the public resource of knowledge. You will learn much more and get a deeper understanding once You start writing than by jealously keeping what You know  to Yourself.

Enough introductory words for know. I just hope You will find this usefull and find, what You were looking for.

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